This Guy Photographs His Everyday Life With Twins And It Is Hilarious


Yanny and Barak have a creative dad who documents their life by capturing cute photos and adding a bit of magic into them by using Photoshop. The boys are twins based in Israel. Vainer, the dad, has created this album so that his boys will have amazing memories to look back to when they grow up. 

The photo collection is quite diverse featuring photos of the boys doing a variety of tasks from everyday things to fantasy situations such as playing Quidditch. 


It’s a cute collection, and it is a testament to Vainer’s creativity. Scroll on and enjoy the collection. 

You can learn more about the collection on the following links: Facebook| djstalinphotography | Instagram

  1. 1 Mutant teenage ninja turtles.

  2. 2 We are strong, but as a family we are stronger

  3. 3 When mom goes to the park by herself...

  4. 4 Does anyone knows the movie?!


  5. 5 Watching the worldcup with the twins

  6. 6 "Dad, We Are Going To Play Quidditch"

  7. 7 Which floor please?!

  8. 8 Its time to kill bill

  9. 9 Do you believe in magic in a young girls heart?!

  10. 10 What Can I Say, The Kids Love To Shower

  11. 11 "Pikachu! I Choose You"

  12. 12 Don't worry, we got this!

  13. 13 Climbing On The Dogs To Get To The Cookies

  14. 14 Sometimes being a parent is hard....

  15. 15 Making Mom And Dad Coffee

  16. 16 When mom and dad throw too hard!

  17. 17 Little spiderbabies...

  18. 18 Little fixer uppers

  19. 19 They almost got me

  20. 20 Masterchef!

  21. 21 Sometimes you need help with the stroller

  22. 22 We came in like a wrecking ball

  23. 23 Shaving with daddy!

  24. 24 World war is just a little game for those two.

  25. 25 When daddy had too much!!

  26. 26 They need to be detained, sometimes the dogs too...

  27. 27 The Justice League

  28. 28 Changing The Tire


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