This Funny Horse Mask Trend is Taking the Internet By Storm


The “horse head” trend has taken the internet by storm. Everyone, and I mean everyone, regardless of age and gender is riding (pun intended) this new wave on social media by posting funny pictures with a horse head. They’re experimenting with it and coming up with new and creative posts for social media. 

As crazy as it may seem to some, the horse head trend is actually quite better than many other crazy fads online. Remember the time people became obsessed with pet rocks? That fad actually lasted for six months. Many fads have come and gone, but the horse head continues to be popular among the masses. 


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of people in a horse mask, enjoy the ride:

  1. 1 Going for a ride

  2. 2 It will take a while

  3. 3 That's how we bath

  4. 4 I'm good with that


  5. 5 Need holiday after all that work

  6. 6 Let's have a bottle of bear

  7. 7 Let's rock it

  8. 8 You can't do it without a long straw

  9. 9 It's just head

  10. 10 SuperHorse??

  11. 11 I need to improve my health


  12. 12 Playing piano in the streets

  13. 13 That's how I spend my weekend

  14. 14 Hoodie

  15. 15 Have a sip!!

  16. 16 Now What!?

  17. 17 Let's Play some football

  18. 18 Too slow to cross the road

  19. 19 Christmas is coming

  20. 20 It was a good day


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