This Dad Photoshop His Daughter in Hilariously Dangerous Situations


Today’s post is about Stephen Crowley, This guy is a mobile designer form Dublin, Ireland. He is Junior vice Co-President of Pixel Coordination. He loves his baby daughter and keeps posting her pictures on his social media profile.

Stephan chose to take photos of all the adventures that he and his daughter have so that when she grows up she’ll have something awesome to look back to. Being a creative artist himself, he came up with the idea of an album around the theme of “living on the edge”. In this album, he posted pictures of his daughters and himself in dangerous and adventurous situations. 


His Daughter deserves the credit too as she posed perfectly in gangsta style making these pictures perfect. Scroll down peeps and enjoy these amazing pictures created by Stephen for his loving daughter. For more info about Stephen, visit the following links: Twitter| Instagram



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