They Waited 60 Years to Take Their Wedding Photos


The photos that were taken at your wedding are holding some special moment of your life because they were capture on the day of love and celebration, which you can relieve you whenever you look back at them. But for some reason, not all couples are able to have wedding day photos. However, one couple got a second chance for these special images after 60 years, thanks to their friends and family.

It was 1957 when they started writing this story. His grandfather made the yard, the aunt made the cake, the godmother sewed the dress. It was the day of the wedding of the Rosary and the Russian boy. The family gathered to celebrate. In their hearts FAITH to build a good life together. They had no idea that they would be parents of 9 children, 16 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren and that they would be seeing all these 60 years later. Everything kept in the memory, however … they had no photo to show, so they got second chance to have their wedding photoshoot after 60 years.


MARRIAGE! Deep and genuine exercise of LOVE.



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