This Brazilian Woman Recreated Celebrities Photos and It’s Hilarious


Beauty is subjective. A society’s standard of beauty often comes from the glamorous world of celebrities. In fact, they have been continuously evolving and changing over time as well. These standards often make us doubt ourselves. How many times have we seen models with washboard abs, slim waists, and flawless skin only to feel bad about our own imperfect bodies? More times than we can count, right? And an abundance of edited images on social media just intensifies the problem. That’s why we all face a few detours before reaching the Holy Grail of self-love but, Renata Neia certainly found an imaginative and loosened up approach in managing it.

She is a secretary from Colinas do the Tocantins in Brazil who hilariously recreates some realistic versions of ‘perfect’ celebrity photos. Renata became Insta-famous with 23,800 followers joining her body-positive movement. With her hilarious reshoots of the celebrity Instagram photos, she’s brightening up the social media like no other. Scroll on to see some of her recreations in our list below and enjoy peeps!


More info: renata_neia/

  1. 1 My back's killing me just looking at this.

  2. 2 How you think you look getting out of the pool vs how you really look.

  3. 3 She looks like my local drug dealer.

  4. 4 How I feel doing the laundry.


  5. 5 They need to give clearer instructions.

  6. 6 We're going live to the scene of me trying to do my chores.

  7. 7 What's up with the bucket.

  8. 8 Still more comfortable than those overpriced shoes.

  9. 9 That is the I shouldn't have done this face.

  10. 10 They were out of balloons.

  11. 11 Someone please get me out of this.

  12. 12 If you ever see someone looking at you like that, RUN!

  13. 13 Well, my picture is greener.

  14. 14 Still gets the job done.

  15. 15 I know who I'm picking in that fight.

  16. 16 Working on that tan.

  17. 17 Poor bucket.

  18. 18 Ferocious.

  19. 19 Before having kids and After having kids.

  20. 20 There's always next year to work on that summer body.

  21. 21 Someone help me up, I tripped.

  22. 22 Hey, help me up here.

  23. 23 Workin' that pose.

  24. 24 It's way too hot.

  25. 25 I'll call your bluff.

  26. 26 Me stretching in the morning.

  27. 27 Did you see that bee just now.

  28. 28 When you're waiting for someone to smell it.

  29. 29 Mr. Oink.

  30. 30 Still gets the job done.

  31. 31 Bust a move.

  32. 32 A tower is a tower.

  33. 33 Using those camera angles.

  34. 34 I'm working towards it.

  35. 35 You know you want some.


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