This Baker Baked pop-Culture Pie Art That You Would Never Want to Cut


Edible art is just too pretty to eat! Especially if the results are as ins-pie-ring as Jessica Clark Bojin’s pies collection.

Jessica Clark is a confectionery artist who has been pushing the boundaries of pie decoration since 2016. She is the genius behind “Pies are Awesome” and goes by @thepieous on Instagram with more than 54K following.

Inspired by all aspects of pop culture, Jessica illustrates famous characters, people or scenes, sometimes turning them into puns that she loves. Listed in this post are our favorite photos of Jessica’s gorgeous pie collection that will definitely feast your eyes.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Share this post with all the baking lovers in your list, they’ll surely love it.

For more info, check out her Instagram profile.

  1. 1 There's beauty in the waffles

  2. 2 Glamour on a plate

  3. 3 Got the hair color right

  4. 4 Welcome to the Ellen show


  5. 5 She lives in the water

  6. 6 Christopher with some inspiration

  7. 7 Dragon Ball Z

  8. 8 Wanna try some candy?

  9. 9 Why does Simba look overly excited?

  10. 10 A starry night in Paris

  11. 11 Throwback to childhood cartoons

  12. 12 Art has no boundaries

  13. 13 Here to make you dreamy

  14. 14 Tribute to the father of all Avengers

  15. 15 It's Ghost Rider's birthday

  16. 16 Queen of the swamps

  17. 17 Would you like a couple of handsome men on your plate for your birthday

  18. 18 Party in the jungle

  19. 19 King in the North

  20. 20 I see marmalade

  21. 21 Any fans of apple pie here?

  22. 22 It's a bloody night and the wolf has to survive

  23. 23 The Christmas tree looks sad

  24. 24 The Grim Reaper's mansion

  25. 25 Symphonies flowing all around

  26. 26 Groot and Rocket are on my pie

  27. 27 Evil powers surround this pie

  28. 28 What imagination looks like

  29. 29 The undisputed king of music

  30. 30 The quest must go on


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