20 Hilariously Pathetic Toy Design Malfunctions


Every kid loves having his toys and he also loves to show them off. As a kid you probably remember having a plethora of toys yourself. But do you remember the weird toys from the lot? The ones that were almost too scary for kids to play with and the ones that gave you nightmares? 


Well, if you don’t then we have this list which will surely refresh your memory. So, if you have been thinking of buying toys for your little one then make sure to exclude these ones. 

  1. 1 We have only one word to describe this toy – Weird.

  2. 2 Prevent your kid from being afraid of the dark

  3. 3 We are pretty much sure that this toy is a product of China.

  4. 4 My little sister's toy looks like it just smoked itself into a new era.


  5. 5 My four-legged duck

  6. 6 Cinderella's nose job didn't go as planned

  7. 7 I Am A Sweet Baby. Let’s Have Fun Together

  8. 8 Winnie

  9. 9 In the Disney Villains deck of playing cards, the Queen of Hearts is the three of Clubs.

  10. 10 'Real Life' expression on a doll

  11. 11 How many noses does this guy really need?

  12. 12 Harry, You Look So Real!

  13. 13 Uhh... Spongebob?

  14. 14 The new Star War movie toys are starting to get out of hand

  15. 15 The official Emma Watson 'beauty and the beast' doll

  16. 16 This squishy toy's eyes fell off but he came with back ups.

  17. 17 New Pokemon Found

  18. 18 I saw this in a soft toy shop in Singapore. Hitler Bunny... or should I say - Hare Hitler

  19. 19 The Printing on This Ball

  20. 20 My Wolverine statue...


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