This Artist Demonstrates the True Power of Makeup


Goar Avetisyan is an awesome Russian makeover artist who is running a unique campaign of women empowerment using makeup. She has around 4.9 million followers on Instagram who recognize and appreciate her work.  She highlights the beauty and strengths of her fans including those who suffer from burn scars or diseases such as cancer. 

Avetisyan uses her work to show that we’re all just as beautiful as all the stars on TV. It’s all about using the right make up. We’re all inherently beautiful. 


In this post we’ve listed up 15 transformations by Avetisyan. To learn more about her work check out the following links: Instagram| Facebook

  1. 1 Right After The Transformation Julia Went To The Hospital For Her Chemo Treatment. She And Her Husband Were Amazed With The Results

  2. 2 Marina Is Fighting Breast Cancer. Goar Decided To Support Her With This Transformation And Give Positive Emotions

  3. 3 Harem Look On A Model With Acne-Prone Skin

  4. 4 Goar Want’s To Prove That “Every Woman Is A Hollywood Star”. She Went To Tashkent To Give Transformations In Her Hotel Room And This Was One Of The Clients


  5. 5 Goar Likes To Show Difference Before And After The Transformation. This One Was Made In Tanzania

  6. 6 Goar Talked Her Grandmother Into Having A Transformation For The First Time In 9 Years. Her Smile Says It All

  7. 7 Jamilya From Dagestan Got Severely Burned When She Was Just 2,5 Years Old. Goar Paid For The Tickets From Dagestan So That She Could Have Her Confidence Boosted

  8. 8 Lily Went Through Two Skin-Transplant Operations Because Of Her Birthmark. Goar Succeded In Covering Up Her Scars To Make Her Feel Gorgeous On The Inside And Out

  9. 9 “I’ve Been Dreaming For A Long Time To Do Make-Up To A Girl With Such Loo”

  10. 10 Goars’ Mom Came At Night To Her To Get A Look For The Last Day Of School Of Her Son Albert, Who’s Graduating

  11. 11 Vlada Had 15 Eye Operations And Really Dreamed To Have A Make Up Transformation

  12. 12 This Mom Of Two Never Had Make Up Done, Not Even For Her Wedding. She Said She’ll Never Forget This Moment

  13. 13 Long Hidden Features Become Barely Noticeable

  14. 14 Trying To Find The Strongest Facial Feature In Every Girl

  15. 15 Goar Laid Out A Video With A Transformation And Asked Subscribers Who Would Like To Have One Too. She Got The Response From Svetlana Who Wanted A Big Change After Chemotherapy


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