This Artist Creates Incredible and Mind Boggling Photo Manipulations


Martin De Pasquale is a digital artist who uses his amazing Photoshop skills to craft impossible realities featuring himself as the subject. Some of his pictures are highly symbolic having metaphoric meaning, others are just funny, wild or surreal. By profession, Martin De Pasquale is an art director for an advertising agency. But he’s known more for his amazing photographic and photo editing skills that allow him to come up with amazing photos that blur the line between reality and fantasy.


In this post, we have compiled 20 amazing photos by Martin. If you want to learn more about him check out the following links: Facebook | Behance

  1. 1 Me every morning

  2. 2 Ways to find creativity again

  3. 3 Stuck in the urban life

  4. 4 Right back at you


  5. 5 When you've literally got nothing to wear

  6. 6 Walking in the streets when it rains feels like...

  7. 7 Losing a piece of me each year

  8. 8 Reflections don't lie

  9. 9 "Freedom of expression" these days

  10. 10 Shaving

  11. 11 Melting in cold days!

  12. 12 This is how you write an autobiography

  13. 13 You're the first victim each day

  14. 14 God's plan

  15. 15 Shadows do ask questions

  16. 16 Hands of the maker

  17. 17 When hunger strikes

  18. 18 Myself through the years

  19. 19 Summer feels

  20. 20 Zipper of the world

  21. 21 God's just renovating the world

  22. 22 Stuck in the routine

  23. 23 Dragging yourself to work


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