This Artist Creates Amazing Lip Art That Will Blow Your Mind


Laura jenkison is beautiful young woman who is a makeup artist as well as beauty blogger. She was trained as a makeup artist in 2011. Then she moved to London where she worked as a freelancer. At the start she used her blog and Instagram to promote her work and showcase her art. Soon her work caught the eye of famous global media outlets like Buzz feed, Cosmopolitan and Ellte who published some of her works and allowed her to shine in the spotlight as she had always deserved. 

For the last couple of years she stopped freelancing and since then she has been focusing more on working online with various established brands like marks & spencer, Sony pictures, Nyx, Annie Hawk, Universal Pictures, Louboutin, Simple, Amazaon, King Games, ustwo games and Pizza Hut. In 2016 she won the best use of Social media at the beauty blogger awards.

Listed below are 25 amazing pictures showcasing her skills. 


You can learn more about her on the following links: Instagram | laura-jenkinson



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