Artist Brilliantly Illustrates What It’s Like to Wait for a Baby That Every Pregnant Couple Can Relate


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. From caring for your little angel in the womb for 9 months to enduring the long lasting waiting period, it is a roller coaster full of wonderful moments to cherish for life.

Yehuda and Maya Devir, are one such couple who are currently experiencing these moments.

Yehuda is a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator who has been illustrating his everyday life with his wife, Maya in a comic series called One of Those Days. After illustrating this series the couple went viral for showing the real side of marriage and their adorable antics have been setting relationship goals for many. Recently, they have created highly relatable comics of getting pregnant by documenting every joy and pitfalls of the journey with his usual humor and wit.


Scroll on to see some of our favorite comics from jude_devir’s collection and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 We're pregnant!!!

  2. 2 And in that exact moment the baby decided to kick!!

  3. 3 So close but yet so far

  4. 4 There is a human begin using her bladder as a pillow or a trampoline!!! You never stand in the way of a pregnant lady!!!


  5. 5 The First Kick

  6. 6 Salt Face

  7. 7 Body changes!!

  8. 8 I bought her a Physio Ball

  9. 9 Say Hello to Her Little Friends!

  10. 10 Moving to the Countryside

  11. 11 Our Valentine's Day

  12. 12 Pregnancy photoshoot!!


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