This Amazing Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Looking 3D Art Work


3D Street Art is the most trending form of art these days. Also commonly known as 3D Chalk Art, it is basically a 2D picture that gives you an optical illusion of being 3 dimensional. Nikolaj Arndt is a famous Russian artist who is known for his amazing 3D art work. 

He graduated from Pedagogic Artist College, and spent more than 10 years of his life in Iwanovo where he pursued his passion for painting. He now actively participates in street art festivals all over the county exhibiting his talents in 3D art work. 

In this post, we have compiled 32 breathtaking art works of Nikolaj Arndt that will make your jaws drop. Scroll down and enjoy these 3D masterpieces.


You can check out his website | instagram | deviantart for more images and details on his art work.



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