30 Times Things Totally Went Side Ways


Things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes they go completely off track, and nobody really bothers to fix them.

If you’re someone who likes things in an order and balance, then you’re seriously going to hate the photos listed in this post.


These photos defy all the rules of normal society. They’re absolute mess ups in whichever way you look at them. If you know someone who can’t stand stuff that is out of order and pattern, share this post with them to mess with their head.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Finally went out and bought a selfie stick

  2. 2 Gotcha

  3. 3 That's one way to get the gals

  4. 4 This is a crime

  5. 5 Shed some common sense on these people my Lord


  6. 6 Won't be so funny when they'll cry all night

  7. 7 Yeah man how's that dough comin?

  8. 8 Designer's nightmare

  9. 9 Yam Gnorm

  10. 10 This panoramic mess!!

  11. 11 Rising temperatures

  12. 12 That's where we leave you doggo

  13. 13 Mine mine mine

  14. 14 Men during winters...

  15. 15 "Let's get a photo of you feeding pigeons!"

  16. 16 They've surely come a long way

  17. 17 Consider it done

  18. 18 Let go of the baby maker

  19. 19 Me n Mah New Leggings, that "photoshop"

  20. 20 Life is sad

  21. 21 Notice something different?

  22. 22 Extra batteries please

  23. 23 Wrong hole...

  24. 24 You had one job!

  25. 25 People like these don't deserve a life

  26. 26 Took less than a minute

  27. 27 How confused are you?

  28. 28 And you say your life has problems?

  29. 29 Lots of things went wrong here. LMFAO....for starters- the wig, lord help this person.

  30. 30 The addiction is real

  31. 31 A lot of fish in the sea

  32. 32 It's a massacre


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