30+ Things That Only 90’S Kids Can Recognize


If you are a 90s kid, you’ll find lots of stuff to reminiscence about once you are finished with this post.

From GameBoy and Saga to VCRs and Juke boxes, almost everything has changed and evolved. The world saw an explosive growth in technology and innovation during the 90s. It was a time when the world leaped into an entirely new era.

Everyone who has lived in the 90s will agree that we had an amazing childhood.  We have lived in a world before social media made it to the mainstream and smart phones took over.  We have seen the best of both worlds with and without modern connectivity.


Listed in this post are some of our favorite pleasures from the 90s.

Scroll on and let your memories take over peeps.

  1. 1 That was the biggest present on birthday in 90's.

  2. 2 That mp3 player was bigger headphones in 90's .

  3. 3 That was our portable sofa.

  4. 4 Ignoring someone in 90's


  5. 5 Never choose purple its a trap.

  6. 6 When people used to show off with Nokia 3310 now iPhone have taken over.

  7. 7 90s Vintages Camera

  8. 8 Movie time in 90's

  9. 9 Level 6 was hell of a level.

  10. 10 Every Sunday 6 pm .

  11. 11 ipad of 90's

  12. 12 Have you ever written your name in word art?

  13. 13 Those floppies were only 120kbs.

  14. 14 Full House DJ & Stephanie Tanner

  15. 15 90's climbing wall.

  16. 16 Oh yeah, I found the old electric fishing game! #Nostalgia

  17. 17 The old play station

  18. 18 Damn that ball was heavy .

  19. 19 Kawasaki ninja in 90's.

  20. 20 Those were some fascinating screen savers in windows 98.

  21. 21 Who remembers sega games ?

  22. 22 If you lose one lead nib and its useless.

  23. 23 Th old DJ had this .

  24. 24 Who remembers that maze screen saver.

  25. 25 That calculator watch was a very unique invention of 90's

  26. 26 Everyone had one gameboy ...

  27. 27 That multi color pen was very special for every kid in 90's

  28. 28 That happened to me all the time .

  29. 29 Best cartoon of 90's

  30. 30 That internet explorer sucked .

  31. 31 Gaming zone in 90's

  32. 32 This literally had every thing in it.

  33. 33 Those were really sour .

  34. 34 The simba spoon !!!

  35. 35 VR in 90's .

  36. 36 Making your notebook glittery


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