These Sisters Demonstrate How Many Amazing Characters You can Turn Self into By Only Using Makeup


Makeup is not just limited to making your eyebrows look perfect or highlighting your cheekbones. It is way more than that! Make-up is a really powerful tool. Not only can it lift a whole appearance if you’re feeling a bit tired but, it can also transform you into any pop culture character you wish to become! And the sisters Charlotte and Abby Roberts, who both share an amazing talent for makeup, prove it to be true. Their makeup skills are impeccable, to say the least.

The makeup artists admit that people are quite impressed with their skills; after all, not every makeup artist can turn themselves into virtually any pop culture character using only makeup. They are the new internet sensations on social media with Abby having 1.1 million followers and Charlotte having 126K followers. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Charlotte and Abby support each other on social media because they are the perfect examples of sister goals. Scroll on to see their amazing work listed below and enjoy peeps!


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