These Photomontages By Monica Carvalho Will Challenge Your Eyes (31 Photos)


Are you familiar with the term photomontage? Introduced around the 20th century, it’s a process of combining several shots for artistic effect to show more of the subject than can be shown in a single artwork. As a rather established creative tool, photomontage was quickly adopted by the surrealists, who were attracted to the idea of playing with reality in particular manner. And Monica Carvalho is certainly one of the renowned artists among them.

Born in the French part of Switzerland to Portuguese parents, she’s a 26-year-old photographer and digital media artist who is living her dreams through her creative works. She combines photos from her travels and everyday life in Photoshop to produce photomontages. It is her creative process used in producing her incredibly diverse and mind boggling images that maneuver almost 97K followers that she has gathered on her Instagram. Scroll on to see some of her best works in our curated list below and buckle up to be amazed, peeps!


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