These Incredibly Realistic Cakes Will Completely Fool You For a Moment


For most people, cakes are a guilty pleasure reserved for special occasions. Well, let’s be honest, everybody loves a nice slice of chocolate or vanilla cake and just thinking about one is enough to make your mouth water, isn’t it, folks? That’s why there are many cake artists out there whose dedication to their craft has created many incredible and magical treats and New Jersey baker Luke Vincentini certainly deserves to be on top among all of them because he does not create ordinary layered cakes.

Luke began baking when he was a child and fell in love with it. After a stint at the famous Carlo’s Bakery, he’s now churning out viral, hyper realistic cakes as an independent cake artist. From a bag of Doritos to a carton of eggs, he creates incredible optical illusion cakes by taking inspiration from everyday life.

So, keep scrolling our list to see Luke’s amazing work and enjoy peeps. We bet you won’t believe that these photos are not of everyday items and they are in fact some fantastic cakes!


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