These Funny Photos Will Prove That Necessity is the Mother of Invention


In situations where we lack certain necessities, or when we need something or when we are looking to solve a problem, our mind kicks into overdrive! As a result, we come up with genius creations to solve our problems!


Scroll down and see for yourself that necessity is the mother of invention! Not only will you have a good laugh, but you might even learn a new hack! Enjoy!

  1. 1 This guy will definitely find a way out of any situation

  2. 2 Great alternate for when that old mixer breaks in the middle of making a cake!

  3. 3 Should have titled it: Five wheel drive!

  4. 4 Kings of DIY!


  5. 5 Floor chess anybody?

  6. 6 "Safest" key holder!

  7. 7 Do not have a Barbecue grill? No worries! Make your own...

  8. 8 Ladies And Gentlemen! This Is The Ultimate Hilbily Watermobile.

  9. 9 A bed frame aka a bike. Now you can bring your bed anywhere. Lol!

  10. 10 Paper clips are more useful than you thought

  11. 11 Summer again turned off the cold water? Here’s a recipe for how to arrange a bath for the day at a construction site.

  12. 12 This thing looks legit. I’m not sure how hygienic it is.

  13. 13 DIY: Funny but creative though!

  14. 14 Use cheap makeup mirror as a form of response to auto parts theft.

  15. 15 Smart Invention!

  16. 16 Trust me - this will work as well!

  17. 17 Remember lads the first hole you penetrate is her nostril. Stay fresh x

  18. 18 How to grilled sausage ??

  19. 19 They Even Hooked It Up On The Stove.


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