These Funny Animals Will Be Your Today’s Dose of Amusement


They say a picture speaks a thousand words; what do you see when you see these adorable animal photos? You’ll interpret the photos according to the lens you see the world with. The 2nd picture can be a polar bear just rolling and playing in the snow, or maybe he’s trying to say something more. 


Scroll on and create the background stories for these cute animal photos. If you’re bored, they’ll be your dose of amusement for the day. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Hunk-a-hunk a burnin' love cat

  2. 2 This is NOT a Snapchat filter guys

  3. 3 When you hit your toe nail against the furniture

  4. 4 Hello Senorita. Come lay along for a while?


  5. 5 This is the face she makes when I tell her to keep it down

  6. 6 Turn on the disco lights people!!

  7. 7 She did what?!

  8. 8 My dog's face is the physical embodiment of the pink panther

  9. 9 When you swear in front of the kids

  10. 10 Got these at Gucci

  11. 11 Come give me a hug

  12. 12 And then he said, let me take you for a ride...

  13. 13 Attention! Stay in the correct posture soldier!

  14. 14 Wanna see true happiness? Here it is

  15. 15 But first, let me take a selfie

  16. 16 KFC Witness Protection Program

  17. 17 How you sneak into your house at midnight when your parents are sleeping

  18. 18 What's better than starting your morning with Tai Chi?

  19. 19 Get me a guitar already

  20. 20 Me when someone lectures me about my life decisions

  21. 21 What do you call a Mexican who is flying an air plane?... A "pilot" you racist bunch of seals.

  22. 22 Are you telling me Jon Snow comes back from the dead??

  23. 23 When your gf is losing an argument so she brings in the anniversary that you forgot about

  24. 24 There goes the last mango on planet earth

  25. 25 Keep them coming, I can handle a few more

  26. 26 Hanging by a string


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