25 Times Pets Hilariously Take-over Owner’s Partners


If you have a pet and a significant other, then you know what real struggle is! It’s to have some private and romantic times with your partner without having your pet as a third wheel every time! 

Even though this is the case, no party seems to mind and actually laugh at the cuteness of the whole situation. And why shouldn’t they? Jealous and overprotective pets are the most adorable thing that humans are blessed with! 



  1. 1 just walked into to see my boyfriend sleeping with some guilty faced b*tch.

  2. 2 He's mine!

  3. 3 My girlfriend took this photo of me and my jealous bitch of a dog

  4. 4 I walked in on my boyfriend in bed with another b*tch


  5. 5 I think our dog is trying to pull a Brian Griffin with my wife

  6. 6 Dog stole my date

  7. 7 I just woke up to the realization that I'm the third wheel.

  8. 8 Maggie literally just stole my spot/pushed me off the couch to sit by my boyfriend.

  9. 9 My prairie dog and girlfriend asleep

  10. 10 My boyfriend found me in bed with his best friend today

  11. 11 Stay away from him

  12. 12 My long drive partner

  13. 13 Left for work, forgot phone. 10 minutes later, and this b*tch is already in bed with my boyfriend.

  14. 14 My wife like him more

  15. 15 My dog takes my girlfriend's spot when she leaves for work. This is what I woke up to today

  16. 16 My dog gets jealous sometimes and this happens

  17. 17 I think it is safe to say my kitten loves my boyfriend.

  18. 18 My cat is in love with my boyfriend. She glares every time I try to sit next to him. He didn't believe me, so I took a picture.

  19. 19 Well it isn't fair

  20. 20 Trying to enjoy my coffee and cuddles with boyfriend, dog starts nudging and yipping until I move. Immediately takes my spot and gives me this look.

  21. 21 Today my friend came home to find her husband showering with his bird.

  22. 22 ...and my girlfriend just replaced me.

  23. 23 Our dog got a little jealous of the kiss scene in our engagement photos

  24. 24 Came back to bed to find this b*tch stole my boyfriend.

  25. 25 I think my dog stole my boyfriend from me


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