These 30 Funny Shaped Fruits and Vegetables Will Make You Giggle


Have you ever found a ginger root in your garden that looks like a bunny? Or a pumpkin stem that looks like a dragon? Or perhaps red chili that looks like a human brain? Well, we have. Surprised much? Don’t be, my friends! It is not that uncommon for vegetables to morph into funny shapes resembling animals and animated characters or other species. You never know, the tomato in your garden may morph into an intergalactic super-hero butterfly or when you cut it into half it may smile at you *wink*. Anything is possible in our magical world that has so many nature marvels in store for us. What? You don’t believe us? Keep scrolling and we bet you will!


In this post, we have listed up 30 funny shaped fruits and vegetables that will surely make laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 When you accidentally open the front camera

  2. 2 The snake vegetable

  3. 3 Looks like these tomatoes are kissing

  4. 4 I am FROOT!!


  5. 5 Squash Duck!!

  6. 6 Been digging for carats!!

  7. 7 The human brain on a plant

  8. 8 sweet potato looks like finger

  9. 9 This pumpkin stem looks like a dragon!

  10. 10 The drunk yet confused face

  11. 11 Have you seen any vegetable with such a beautiful figure?

  12. 12 More sexy vegetables.

  13. 13 The veggie Hippo

  14. 14 When you're sad to the core of your soul

  15. 15 The ginger horsey

  16. 16 A carrot bustin' a move!!

  17. 17 If Kim Kardashian was a veggie

  18. 18 Guys every morning

  19. 19 Just the casual walk in the fields

  20. 20 When you get over hyped on those steroids

  21. 21 My pepper looks like a fist

  22. 22 Found these mother and child vegetables sharing a moment together in my garden

  23. 23 Water your potatoes with Seawater & it Shows SeaLion Spud....!

  24. 24 Going to have to eat this chicken as it hasn't laid a single egg yet.

  25. 25 When your girlfriend asks for something

  26. 26 Kissing lovers

  27. 27 Can't believe its not human

  28. 28 Veggie Hi Five

  29. 29 It looks likes Winnie the Pooh

  30. 30 I like my vegetables to feel the horror of their fate...


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