10+ Hilarious Clothing Disasters Everyone Would Regret Buying


Thanks to Amazon, Ebay and Etsy, we’ve all become addicted to the convenience of shopping online. No more standing in long lines to shop on black Friday. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be.  However, the reality is hilariously different. Especially for those who’re new to online shopping. You may order an adorable sexy dress hoping to look like a Victoria secret model, but the product you get may make you look like a runaway clown. Sometimes the sizes don’t match, at other times the color isn’t right, and on some occasions the product material is just pathetic. We’ve all been there once or twice. It is both frustrating and hilarious. 

Then there are those who pick out a dress from their local store, but they fail to try its own before they make a purchase. Resultantly, they’re a walking clothing disaster that are just an invitation for dirty humor. 


Clothing disasters come in many colors. You may mess up as you shop online, or you may get a dress from a local store without trying it on first. Some women may simply ruin a perfectly good dress by forgetting to wear a tampon or a pad. 

In this post we’ve listed all kinds of hilarious clothing disasters. Enjoy the list. My eyes almost popped out at Number 9: 

When you order clothes on amazon...

Shopping online is not a good idea

Maybe not the best idea to have a red flower down there

Does anyone will tell me why does the chiffon have to be coming from there


How do you wear this? Any Ideas?

Omg I'm dying, this is the funniest one I've seen!

Bad fashion or bad timing?

Don't be happy, worry; LOL

Was that intentional? LOL

Watch out for pattern placement

This dress...bwahahaha

Sewing failures

Looks like they sewed In nursing pads

Cat woman wouldn't be caught dead in these!

And Santa says "Help! I can't get out!"

That awkward moment when your shirt is supposed to say Canada

And out came a spider.....

Hahaha YES IT IS!

Pretty good fakes

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