The Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions


Celebs are all about setting fashion trends for the rest of us. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. However, sometimes Celebs try too hard to stand out among all their colleagues by coming up with something unique and different. Often these attempts turn out to be complete disasters. They end up revealing a lot more than just their failed attempts at fashion. Following are some hilarious photos of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions on different occasions, I couldn’t stop laughing at the 10th picture:

  1. 1 Kim Crack-dashian!

    Revealing dresses are nothing new to Kim. Here, she can be seen wearing a see-through skirt revealing her assets to the cameras. 

  2. 2 Kate almost made the front page of every magazine that night

    Kate Hudson had a near nip-slip at the American Music Awards while she came on-stage with Nicole Kidman to introduce the Black Eyed Peas.

  3. 3 When Jenny flashed some undies... again!

    Here, Jeniffer Garner's Spanx got revealed in front of the cameras while she was attending the premiere of ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.’ 

  4. 4 Zip it Stacy!


    Stacy Keibler was certainly in a hurry when she traveled to attend the Monte Carlo Grand Prix in Monaco because she clearly missed the zip here.

  5. 5 Bailey, not so noble..

    Bailey Noble arrived at a party held at the SLS hotel. The star from 'True Blood' had a wardrobe malfunction while getting out of her car.

  6. 6 Les Dress Miserables...

    Anne Hathaway flashed a little bit too much while arriving at the premiere of her musical, Les Miserables in 2012.

  7. 7 Hannah Montana Season 5 (PG 18+)

    It is no longer a surprise when Miley is seen flashing her body. She casually wore this to one of her shows in New York City.

  8. 8 Rachel why so wild?

    Rachel Wilde didn't care about it at all when her blue panties were on display as she walked the red carpet at the NTAs.

  9. 9 Iggy Azalea taking 'Go Hard or Go Home' too literally..

    Iggy had a wardrobe malfunction at the MTV EMAs which look somewhat intentional. She was wearing a black dress that was supposed to reveal only her thighs. Yet, things didn't go as planned for Iggy.

  10. 10 Ah what has happened to our little Hermione..

    Emma Watson arrived at the premiere of her movie 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' in a pretty dress. However, things didn't go as planned for her. A significant portion of her underpants was revealed as she walked the red carpet.

  11. 11 Katie's got back

    Katie Price decided to dress kinky as she wore knee high boots with a black dress that was completely capable of revealing her bum, which she did at the paparazzi's request.

  12. 12 Let's just hope North doesn't see this picture of daddy anytime soon..

    Kanye West wore an inexplainable outfit by Margiela masks at his Yeeus tour performance.

  13. 13 That's a roadside view you'd kill for

    Jessica Alba doesnt' seem to be prepared to start her windy day in NYC. 

  14. 14 Snookie going commando

    We have no idea what went through Snookie's mind that convinced her to not wear panties with that dress. She can be seen leaving her house in the picture.

  15. 15 Amber's skirt on the rise

    Amber Rose had an unpleasant moment with her dress as her skirt got caught in the wind. She was seen going bare bottom at the BET Awards in L.A.

  16. 16 Too Posh to pee?!

    Victoria tried to hide her wet pants that gave the look as she had peed her self. She walked behind David as they left a party in Los Angeles.

  17. 17 Kylie's contour fail

    Kylie attended the NIP+FAB event having an enhanced look. It appeared that she wore extra makeup on her breasts which came off to her embarrassment.

  18. 18 Katherine got a little too excited

    It was all smiles when Katherine Heigl won an award at the ShoWest event in Las Vegas until she got on stage and had an outfit malfunction.

  19. 19 Pants down says Kanye!

    Kanye West suffered a terrible wardrobe malfunction while he went for dinner with Kim Kardashian at the N62 restaurant in New York City on Friday night.

  20. 20 When Naomi's dress had more revealing curves than her body

    Naomi Campbell had a near wardrobe malfunction as she attended the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden.

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