The Radical Beauty Project Is Giving Chance To Models With Down Syndrome


A collaboration between Radical Beauty Project and Zebedee Management lead to a one of a kind shoot which included models with Down Syndrome. If you think that people with Down Syndrome are not pretty and confident, this shoot will change your prospective for sure. So sit back and enjoy these wonderful models on the big screen. 

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  1. 1 Callum

    Callum is proud of the work he do. He likes to participate in different project like these becasue he make new friends. Down Syndrome is never going to stop him!

  2. 2 Lily Moore

    The artish did an amazing job capturing the great colors in this picture of Lily Moore. 

  3. 3 Ellie

    To show the world that even kids with Down Sydrome are not different than the other kids, Ellie was given a chance to showcase her talent at the Radical Beauty Project.

  4. 4 Florence Garrett


    Florence looks even more graceful with the white dress on. Down syndrome is no way near stopping her to achieve her dreams.

  5. 5 Kathleen

    Kathreen is isnpired by her mom who always encourage her to take part in projects like these. Kathreen has been part of various projects like this one. 

  6. 6 Grace

    Even Marks and Spencer’s and Disney were impressed by the talent and beauty of Grace, and have casted her for various projects. So she had to be included in this project. 

  7. 7 Rishard

  8. 8 Gymma Black

    Gymma Black is captured beautifully by Damien Frost.

  9. 9 Nino

    Nino is a trained rugby coach and works for #BristolBears.

    “Being model is amazing. I feel proud and confident. I like looking good, smelling good, I like photos and catwalk. It’s important for my life, my future. It makes me happy, I love my life.” – says Nino Genua.

  10. 10 Lily Moore

    This masterpiece of Lily is captured by Elizaveta Porodina. The photogrpher did justive in portraying the beauty of Lily. 

  11. 11 Jeanne-Marie Mohn

    Down syndrom or not, the beaty of this dress is taken to a whole new level by Jeanne-Marie Mohn.

  12. 12 Udi

    Udi is allowed to showcase his class with the help of this innitiative. 

  13. 13 Isabella

    Isabella loves to work for charity programs. She also attends a Performing Arts college. 

  14. 14 Andrew Self

    Down Syndrome can't stop Andrew from dancing. He don't shy to pose for the camera.

  15. 15 Adam

    Adam is a style King who describes his style as “Bad Boy look!”

  16. 16 Chloe

    The attractive personality has made Chloe a social media sensation. She has also worked with some major names like Ellas Kitchen, River Island and Marks And Spencers.

  17. 17 Kate

    Kate is a well known model and she also participated in London Fashion Week. 

  18. 18 Raffaella

    Raffaella loves to enjoy all the adventures of life. Nothing can stop her. Not even Down Syndrome.

  19. 19 Domenica Lawson

    Domenica is known for being extremely confident to be on screen. She is looking stunning in this portrait by Stephen Maycock.

  20. 20 Netta

    Its really hard to find the words to describe the talent this girl possesses. Her willingness to fulfill her dreams even with Down Syndrom is remarkable.

  21. 21 A masterpiece by Daniel Kaminsky

    These two wonderful models who don't seem to stop even with Down Syndrom are masterfully captured by Daniel Kaminsky. 

  22. 22 Sara Zeb

    Sara is a model with Down Syndrome. If you are looking for inspiration, no need to look any further than Sara. 

  23. 23 Juliette

    Julliete always like to raise the awareness of Down Syndrome. She is an inspiration for so many kids out there. 

  24. 24 Horrora Shebang AKA Otto Baxter

    Horrora Shebang AKA Otto Baxter is a famous personality in the fashion industry. His confidence is something which is admired by hundreds of professionals. 

  25. 25 Cora

    Cora is on the verge of a great career. She has already been a part of a children glasses brand, and she is enjoying the paid work she has been getting off late. 

  26. 26 Miss Francesca

    Miss Francesca is not a shy girl just becasue of her condition. She loves to be in front of a camera and allows the world to see her beauty. 

  27. 27 Ben

    Ben is an amazing model and actor. He has enjoyed a lot of opportunites to act and model for various projects. He is known to live his live to the fullest. 

  28. 28 Frankie

    If you have seen the Sainsburys Christmas TV commercial, you might recognize Frankie. Involvement of Frankie in this project will surely increase the profiles of kids with Down Syndrome. 

  29. 29 Jack

    Jack has had several paid jobs as a model and has also worked with #Rankin for Hunger Magazine Jacks. His goal is to earn money so he can live independently and look after himself.

  30. 30


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