The Most Funny And Creative Food Servings


Restaurants always try to come up with innovative approaches to serve food. Mostly because they want to stand out in the market and be different from their competitors.

In this post, we have put up a list of servings where restaurants went too far in the pursuit of being innovative and ended up being creepy. From serving the “chicken sitting on a chair” to using “car plates” for serving rice, they came up with some ridiculous yet hilarious ideas for serving food. 


Scroll down to take a look at 25 such instances where innovation became hilarious.  

  1. 1 When dinner reminds you of the horror movie you watched last night..

  2. 2 Gotta love the sunbathing

  3. 3 They had to hang them up to dry

  4. 4 You can serve inside my umbrella ella ella ella


  5. 5 Make sure you return the trolley at Walmart on your way back

  6. 6 So how much does your 1 pound burger weigh?

  7. 7 Samosa justice must be done!

  8. 8 This drink looks kinda cagey to me..

  9. 9 Its paw-ssibly yummy..

  10. 10 When the chef's a part time makeup artist

  11. 11 They served me pizza sauce in a baby bottle. These trends are getting outta hand!

  12. 12 When your steak has high amounts of iron..

  13. 13 My grandpa wore one of these hats. Without the bread, obviously.

  14. 14 I'm glad Groot found a new job

  15. 15 I guess the janitor serves at this place..

  16. 16 How many tacos are there? let me count, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, SINKO!

  17. 17 Just have to be really quick

  18. 18 Come on barbie, its meat party!!

  19. 19 Oh Deer..

  20. 20 Not the plates I asked for

  21. 21 Let's order a lot of these and build a wall before the food fight

  22. 22 Gotta find the food first..

  23. 23 At least it was fresh

  24. 24 Could I have a pint of spaghetti please..

  25. 25 Can I keep them warm by tying the laces?


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