The Internet Is Stunned By This Guy Who Can Transform Himself Into Literally Any Celebrity Only Using Makeup


Most of us secretly wish to look like our gorgeous stars but unfortunately, even plastic surgery cannot fulfill this dream of ours.  However, British drag artist and makeup expert Elliot Joseph Rentz, AKA Alexis Stone might have just pulled off the stunt of the century by transforming himself to various deceptive getups.

The Manchester-based, Brighton-born entertainer can pull off some insane celebrity transformations because he knows his way around all the makeup techniques. His incredible journey started back in June when he racked up more than 32 thousand likes on his post and appeared as fellow ‘MUA’ NikkieTutorials and confused a whole lot of people on the Internet. Since then he has fooled thousands of his followers with his dramatic makeover skills.


Scroll on to see some of his amazing transformations in the list below. The results of his creative efforts will surely blow up your mind because he can do wonders. From Queen Elisabeth to Johnny Depp, this list is full of surprises. Enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

  1. 1 This is Elliot Joseph Rentz, AKA Alexis Stone, a drag queen who can transform himself into any celebrity

  2. 2 Ellen

  3. 3 Michael Jackson

  4. 4 Justin Bieber


  5. 5 Daenerys Targaryen

  6. 6 Jennifer Lawrence

  7. 7 Kim Kardashian

  8. 8 Goldie Hawn

  9. 9 Madonna

  10. 10 Johnny Depp

  11. 11 Donatella Versace

  12. 12 Queen Elizabeth II

  13. 13 Meryl Streep

  14. 14 Leonardo Dicaprio

  15. 15 Cardi B

  16. 16 Pete Burns

  17. 17 Nicole Kidman

  18. 18 Angelina Jolie

  19. 19 Cate Blanchett

  20. 20 Lady Gaga

  21. 21 Glenn Close

  22. 22 Ariana Grande

  23. 23 Paris Hilton

  24. 24 Nikkietutorials

  25. 25 Kesha

  26. 26 Kylie Jenner

  27. 27 Kat Von D

  28. 28 Anna Wintour

  29. 29 Tilda Swinton

  30. 30 Charlize Theron

  31. 31 Marilyn Manson

  32. 32 Jeremy Meeks

  33. 33 Angelina Jolie

  34. 34 Rihanna

  35. 35 Regina George (Rachel Mcadams)

  36. 36 Cher

  37. 37 Dita Von Teese


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