These 100 Years Old Twins Have A Lot To Celebrate


Meet the twin sisters “Maria Pignaton Pontin” and “Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi” who currently reside in Ibiracu, Brazil. They finished off their 100th year around the sun with a bang and celebrated their birthday with the most awe-inspiring and beautiful photo shoot. Warning! You might turn green with envy!

Camila Lima is the fortunate photographer who got a chance to capture the gorgeous twins. In her interview with Buzzfeed News, she told that she found out about their big milestone from a local news report. She said, “I almost choked on my food because I thought they were so cute.” Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t after witnessing something so lovely?

Maria Pontin is blessed with five kids, twelve grand kids, seven great-grand kids and one great-great-grand kid. Too many kids right? Wait till you read about Paulina Pandolfi’s blood line. Despite of suffering through not one, but two heart attacks, and not to mention intestinal cancer, she expertly maneuvered her way around the clutches of death and is still alive and kicking! Maria is freakishly blessed to have six kids, nineteen grandkids and sixteen great-grand kids. Now that’s a family!


The now famous photographer, Camila Lima got in touch with the twin sister’s families and was kind enough to offer them a free photo shoot. Not only this, but she even invested her time in the twins by applying makeup on them and making them feel like princesses in their exciting gowns.

The shoot was super exciting and will definitely give the twins something to remember and cherish the feeling. With 100 years of life under their belts, the twins have a lot to celebrate.



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