The 2080’s: See How Today’s Famous Pop Stars Cover Album Would Look Like in The ’80s


Ah, the ’80s! For some, the decade is just dainty vision, but for those of us *cough* who are old enough to have lived the era, this post has pretty strong precision of giving you a nostalgia.

Graphic artist and illustrator Fulvio Alejandro Obregon, better known as Fulaleo, decided to bring the colorful helluva decade back and made a collection of images entitled ‘The 2080s, The past is the future’. In this series, Fulaleo let his imaginations run wild by blending contemporary popular music with the 80’s-inspired art. He recasts entertainers like Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Drake and many others to created covers for their ‘future’ albums with some retro-wave twist.


Listed in this post are some of our favorite photos from his collection. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

To check out more of Fulaleo’s work click the following links: Instagram | Facebook |

  1. 1 Selena Gomez

  2. 2 Taylor Swift

  3. 3 Chris Brown

  4. 4 Rihanna


  5. 5 Jack Ü

  6. 6 Camila Cabello

  7. 7 Beyoncé

  8. 8 Steve Aoki

  9. 9 Cardi B

  10. 10 Dj Khaled

  11. 11 Justin Bieber

  12. 12 Kendrick Lamar

  13. 13 The Weeknd "I Never Forgot My Ex"

  14. 14 Migos "The Black Beatles"

  15. 15 Childish Gambino

  16. 16 Dua Lipa

  17. 17 Drake

  18. 18 Bruno Mars

  19. 19 The 2080's: Past is the future


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