35 Couples Who Preferred Finger Tattoos Over Engagement Rings and It Looks Awesome


Now engagement and wedding rings are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Moreover they can be easily lost if they’re not cared for properly, on the other hand, tattoos are forever. Wedding tattoos are becoming quite popular among couples. And we are seeing lots of creative designs pop up all over social media.

If you are planning to tie the knot soon or if you know someone who may be getting married soon, you’ll definitely love this post. We have listed up some of the most adorable wedding tattoo designs here.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Who knows you may end up getting one of these tattoos yourself!

  1. 1 Marvel fan's goals

  2. 2 Be my pac-woman?

  3. 3 Only he has the key to her heart

  4. 4 Who says wedding ring tattoos have to be bands? These symbolic snowflakes are gorgeous.


  5. 5 Disney fanatics will love these sweet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse designs.

  6. 6 Hashtag Marriage Finger Tattoos

  7. 7 Mr. & Mrs.

  8. 8 No extra info required

  9. 9 When marines meets marines

  10. 10 The deal is done

  11. 11 Their hearts beats at the same time

  12. 12 If you can't afford real diamond ring here's the beautiful solution

  13. 13 That arrow guides the way to her heart

  14. 14 They met While fishing

  15. 15 Sun And the Moon

  16. 16 Lovers of Mexican culture?

  17. 17 There's a compasses to ensure you'll never lose your way.

  18. 18 All hail the King and Queen

  19. 19 Till Death do us part

  20. 20 Popeye, is that you?

  21. 21 Owl & The nest

  22. 22 When you're not a fan of wearing metal

  23. 23 Love from Mountains to the sea waves

  24. 24 How long will you love me for?

  25. 25 Tied for ever

  26. 26 Vogue Design

  27. 27 Never fading

  28. 28 Good idea to recall your wedding anniversary date

  29. 29 Tying the knot

  30. 30 Roman numerals are a classic way to show your wedding date.

  31. 31 Let your ink rings represent how tightly woven together you are

  32. 32 Let nature define your love

  33. 33 Crossed heart shows there's only one man to love

  34. 34 Small and special symbols with deep meanings

  35. 35 Infinite Love


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