Talented Woman Incredibly Used Hijab to Transform Herself Into Pop Culture Characters (New Photos)


There’s no shortage of talented makeup artists online. It seems as though there are no limits to what people can achieve with just a few makeup products. The self-described “comic geek” and “Dis-nerd,” who goes by the name Queen of Luna on social media, is no other exception. She has amassed a huge following online over the past few years thanks to her intricate makeup transformations. What’s make her different than others, you may ask? She uses her hijab as an integral part of each transformation which makes her stand out among the other crowd of artists.

From popular Disney princesses to superhero/villain characters, she has shared hundreds of transformations on her Instagram, all using her hijab as a prop. With almost 413,000 followers Saraswati has been consistently blowing up social media with her artistic skills.

Scroll on to see some of our favorite photos from her collection and enjoy peeps!


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