Surreal Photography By Ben Zank


Surreal Photography is about creating a world of imagination that goes beyond the physical world. Ben Zank, an American born photographer, is a famous Surreal Photographer who has mesmerized the world with his amazing skills. His portraits often seem to explore the human isolation and our connection with nature. 

He is currently living and working in the New York City. In his own words, the secret behind his work is finding something small, and making it look much larger than it actually is.  He portrays emotions through his images without actually showing the faces of his subjects. His unique style has made him quite popular over social media, he now boasts over 90k followers on his Instagram page. 


In this post, we have compiled 15 artistic photographs of Ben Zank. If you like what you see here, you can explore more about Ben Zank at his website and Instagram page.



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