Stunning Dresses Made Out of Recycled Materials


Did you know in today’s modern world, people are tackling waste in exciting and innovative ways?  The same plastic that’s destroying our oceans and piling up in landfill because it takes upwards of 500 years to degrade is now used as a recycle material for making incredible clothes. Yeah, folks! You don’t always need expensive materials to make clothes; you can even use recyclable materials. You can look gorgeous while saving the world one dress at a time. Honestly the possibilities are endless with recycle materials, if only you have a creative side in you.


In this post we have listed up photos of some stunning dresses made out of recyclable material. Some of these dresses are actually quite awesome. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Share this post with your friends to see if they would be open to the idea of wearing a dress made entirely out of recyclable material on earth day.

  1. 1 Teabags and Coffee Filters

  2. 2 Rubber Gloves

  3. 3 Parachute

  4. 4 Paper, Plastic and Ribbon


  5. 5 Old VOGUES

  6. 6 Balloons

  7. 7 M&M Wrappers

  8. 8 Cardboard Plates

  9. 9 Condoms

  10. 10 Tide Packets

  11. 11 Plastic Bottles

  12. 12 News Papper

  13. 13 Plastic Bottle

  14. 14 Soft Drink Cans

  15. 15 Keyboard and Plastic Bags

  16. 16 Caution Tape

  17. 17 CD's

  18. 18 Magazine

  19. 19 Wires

  20. 20 Straws

  21. 21 Plastic Bags

  22. 22 Wrappers

  23. 23 Playing Cards

  24. 24 Balloons

  25. 25 CD's

  26. 26 Aluminium Cans

  27. 27 Posters

  28. 28 Foil Paper

  29. 29 Toilet Paper

  30. 30


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