Spooky Yet Hilarious Face Swap With Toys


Snapchat has made us all addicted to its unique array of filters. One of the most popular filter among the series is the “faceswap” feature. People can swap faces with their friends using this filter. However, the users haven’t just limited themselves to their friends. They’re using the face swap in creative ways to experiment with entirely new ideas. One of these experiments is faceswaps with toys. It has actually become quite common. 


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of people featuring faceswaps with toys. Scroll on and enjoy peeps: 

  1. 1 That's a scary face swap

  2. 2 Hello Marlin!

  3. 3 Funniest yet scariest face swap

  4. 4 Nice eye brows


  5. 5 A new Barbie

  6. 6

  7. 7 Better looking teeths

  8. 8 She looks better with the doll's face

  9. 9 Fine eyebrows

  10. 10 This Asian dude looks better after face swap with the doll

  11. 11 Barbie with mustaches

  12. 12 A creepy Barbie

  13. 13 Never let your kids use snapchat

  14. 14 One of the worst face swap

  15. 15 The doll looks pretty

  16. 16 She shouldn't have swapped faces

  17. 17 Which one is the toy here?

  18. 18 The barbie is missing the beard here

  19. 19 The doll looks pretty scary now

  20. 20 The new toy story charachters

  21. 21 Not bad for a Sheriff


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