20+ Most Fascinating Yet Spooky Pumpkin Carvings


Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year; it transforms ordinary streets and people into magical alleys and extraordinary creatures. Those who’re into Halloween invest a lot in the décor of their surroundings. They’ll spend days procuring various items to ensure that they can get their decorations right down to the last detail.

No Halloween décor is complete without carved pumpkins! Some families order already carved pumpkins, others order regular ones and carve them themselves. It becomes a fun family activity. And people come up with some seriously creative designs.


In this post we have listed up creative pumpkin carving designs that you can use for inspiration the next time you’re carving pumpkins with your family. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


  1. 1 All right. Now I'm scared of pumpkins...

  2. 2 Give me my baby back!!

  3. 3 Like father like son

  4. 4 Squishy squish


  5. 5 We've got a winner

  6. 6 The grumpiest pumpkin you'll ever see

  7. 7 ET, is that you?

  8. 8 Mega Mind

  9. 9 Me vs Life

  10. 10 I am gonna feast on you

  11. 11 It's all scary and shit but damn.. how long is that rat?!

  12. 12 Need to see the dentist

  13. 13 I've got a mole on my forehead. oh wait!

  14. 14 Just zip it dude

  15. 15 ** Spooky background music **

  16. 16 Trapped underwater

  17. 17 Happy Halloween Harry

  18. 18 Shark attack!

  19. 19 The frightening illumination

  20. 20 Santa came early

  21. 21 Wild cats are here

  22. 22 Chucky says hi

  23. 23 Me after feasting on the Thanksgiving turkey

  24. 24 How my friends see me at the bar when the bill comes

  25. 25 You blow my brains out!


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