10+ Hilarious Not So Sorry Notes By People Who Accidentally Hit a Car


When you’re parking in public spaces you’re leaving your car exposed to loads of newbie drivers who may or may not have a conscious or courtesy. There’s a high chance that someone may “accidentally” knock into your car while reversing or turning into a corner. If they’re decent, they’ll apologize and leave you their contact details. If not, they’ll either run away without a word or they’ll leave you with snarky remarks coaching you about how the whole thing was your own fault.

Some of these notes can be quite hilarious.


In this post we have collected photos of 20 such notes. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 I hope the sorry makes you feel any better

  2. 2 Free soap, yay!!

  3. 3 Happy Hunting!

  4. 4 Busted!


  5. 5 Rich people get the perks

  6. 6 How hard is it to clean horse piss?!

  7. 7 Sincerely, just some a**hole

  8. 8 Every sorry counts

  9. 9 Hope you have insurance

  10. 10 It is officially off my chest now

  11. 11 Does your car have a huge dent? Here's some candy!

  12. 12 Even Stevie Wonder would do better

  13. 13 That dude totally judged my parking for his own mistake

  14. 14 Totally my bad

  15. 15 He was really good at pretending

  16. 16 Good people do exist

  17. 17 The Jack of all trades...


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