Sometimes You Wont Get What You Ordered Online (30 Online Shopping Fails)


No long walks, home delivery, easy comparison, and reasonable prices, the new emerging trend of online shopping sure sounds like a great idea for folks who are too lazy to go shopping in marts and malls.

However, it’s always a risk because sometimes your online experience can be quite adverse. Most of us think that the job is done with few clicks and we’ll get what we asked for. Alas! That’s not really how it goes, is it?  There’s a chance that you may end up cursing yourself when you finally receive your order.


Listed up in this post are 30 most hilarious online shopping fails that will make you think twice before shopping online. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 Not the perfect fit...

  2. 2 It's 10 times more scarier

  3. 3 When you wan't something a little revealing but it turns out to be a little too much

  4. 4 The cat really means it


  5. 5 She really got robbed

  6. 6 Expectations were unfulfilled that day

  7. 7 Online shopping is a hoax

  8. 8 Close enough

  9. 9 Never thought it would be in one piece

  10. 10 Even Deadpool would laugh at this fail

  11. 11 How am I supposed to wear this?

  12. 12 They advertised with perspective photography

  13. 13 This can only cook one tomato at a time

  14. 14 Not the kinda mermaid I would want to be

  15. 15 Size so small only my cat can wear it

  16. 16 Fitting problems

  17. 17 Straight out of The Chamber of Secrets

  18. 18 My dream prom night never happened because of this

  19. 19 Those buttons can break any time

  20. 20 It's covering what's needed to be covered

  21. 21 I ordered flowers. These are not flowers...

  22. 22 An advantage is that nobody can see your next move

  23. 23 They didn't even bother painting the other side

  24. 24 Distinguishing their gender is a tough task

  25. 25 Would you like a "sip" of tea?

  26. 26 Never believe Photoshop images

  27. 27 They took it too literally

  28. 28 I'll definitely use this on Halloween

  29. 29 Rest in Pieces

  30. 30 Not the show stopper material


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