Sometimes Most Interesting Things Happen in the Background (35 Photos)


You know why The Academy Awards present Oscars to the best-supporting actors? It is because they are the ones who support the main role and makes a story more attention-grabbing. Similarly, there are many important things that frequently happen in the background that makes a photograph more interesting.

We’ve all had pictures that were ruined by unintentional awkward backgrounds. Most of the time, we’re so caught up in the moment that we forget our surroundings. Later, once we’re going through the photos we realize how the backgrounds render our photos completely inappropriate for practically every place out of our phone or albums.  Sometimes it happens intentionally, and sometimes it happens accidentally when a photographer isn’t paying enough attention. Whether intentional or accidental, backgrounds can sometimes make photos much more interesting.


In this post, we have listed 35 photos in which the most interesting things are happening in the background. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Photobomb level: Whale

  2. 2 Double rave photobomb: spooky fabulous plus a sad guy

  3. 3 Is that Master Oogway on the left?

  4. 4 No, I wasn't looking baby.


  5. 5 Peter Pettigrew's sister.

  6. 6 Whenever my sisters try to take a picture.

  7. 7 Cannonball!

  8. 8 Let me sleep in peace.

  9. 9 If he was a real vampire, he wouldn't have been caught on camera.

  10. 10 Ted's all grown up,

  11. 11 Group photo with your stalker.

  12. 12 When you've had a little too much sugar.

  13. 13 Nature is boring.

  14. 14 What a troll.

  15. 15 Sorry, little buddy. They're just out of your league.

  16. 16 Going home after a crazy beach party.

  17. 17 If his wife sees that, he's dead.

  18. 18 Michael Scott trying to sneak a peek

  19. 19 He didn't choose the filter life, the filter life chose him

  20. 20 Stepmother does not approve.

  21. 21 It's the middle of the day.

  22. 22 Now that dude's really photogenic.

  23. 23 This girl knows how to party.

  24. 24 That kid knows how to have fun.

  25. 25 Nooo!

  26. 26 Felt cute, might delete later.

  27. 27 Caught in the act.

  28. 28 He approves.

  29. 29 The squad.

  30. 30 Banana Bomb!!

  31. 31 Flipping through vacation shots of my parents and myself when...

  32. 32 One of the better photobombs I've seen lately.

  33. 33 Looking through my phone I find this, looks like I was quite the bomber!

  34. 34 Not sure who this lady is, but she got me pretty good.

  35. 35 Wildlife photobomb....!


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