20 Most Shocking Yet Amusing Black Friday Photos


Black Friday is known for amazing sales and big discounts. People wait all year round for the day following thanksgiving when they’ll get to buy their favorite items, and so you can understand why they get a little overboard as they shop. A year is a long time to wait.

This year Black Friday will be falling on the 23rd of November. We’ll get to see lots of hilarious shoppers competing at their favorite stores for different items. It’ll be a fun sight to watch.


Listed in this posts are hilarious photos of crazy shoppers on Black Friday. Scroll on and Enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 When you don't know what is on sale but you know something is...

  2. 2 Must not miss the sale

  3. 3 Black Friday toy sections fights vol 1.0

  4. 4 Man down! Man down!


  5. 5 Look's like Macy's had 100% off

  6. 6 Setting camp before war

  7. 7 Think about this salesman whenever you hate your job...

  8. 8 Views outside Walmart at Black Friday

  9. 9 When there's no delivery service included

  10. 10 I saw it first!

  11. 11 Straight outta hospital. Straight into the mall! It's black Friday after all

  12. 12 Free TVs for all

  13. 13 Views at Louis Vuitton on Black Friday

  14. 14 Pre-sale shenanigans with 59 others

  15. 15 When you want that Playstation Pro, but so do 200 other people...

  16. 16 Do Asians have a separate line here?

  17. 17 Give me that item or down you go

  18. 18 Reminded me of the school canteen...

  19. 19 That's me on Black Friday sales

  20. 20

  21. 21

  22. 22 I sense some racism going on here...

  23. 23 I will not go down without a fight!


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