She Stunned the Crowd at America’s Got Talent


If You Watched America's Got Talent You Knows, There's No Telling What You'll See When You Tune In.

This outstanding show debuted in 2006 on NBC has continued through impressive seasons. The show gives contestants a huge platform to follow their dreams and also to perform for an audience of millions of people. This episode was the finale of season 12 and most of the final performances were real standout talents, one of them is incredibly talented "Darci Lynne"

The Incredibly Talented Darci Lynne

Darci With Her Puppets (Oscar And Petunia)Wins The Crowd And The World Can't Stop Talking About Her

Oscar is a cute little mouse who is anxious and petunia is a hyper-confident bunny who thinks she is a diva. She starts with oscar thinking the show is just a dress rehearsal, but petunia explains him that they are actually in front of 16 million people. By hearing this, Oscar faints and Petunia still worried about her looks- "Do you think the camera is getting my good side?"

After Oscar came back to his senses then he and Petunia starts arguing hysterically over who will sing before belting Beatles hit.

Her Puppets Arguing Hysterically Over Who Will Sing Before Belting Beatles Hit.

Lynne's real show hadn't even start yet, but the audience is already charmed

After Setting Up Her Routine, She Reveal That They Will Be Singing A Song

Lynne convinces her puppets that they need to play off each other like the famous duos of the past, like Laurel and Hardey, Hall and Oates, or even Simon Cowell and Mel B! After the puppets come to an agreement, they reveal that they will be singing song by famous songwriting team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Still, Petunia needs the last word:


“That’s funny… a mouse and a bunny singing a song written by two Beatles?”

The Music Rolls And The Girl Sets Into Her Performance, And The Entire Crowd Stunned

As the band kicks, Darci switches easily between the two puppets' voices, giving Oscar a rocker's confidence and Petunia a delicate and high range! Her talents shows that she would have a future at the Jim Henson company someday in the future.

As The Performance Ends, The Judges And The Entire Crowd Was On Their Feet, Bursting With Applause

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Darci Lynne's performance is a reminder to follow our dreams. She won the hearts of the judges and millions of spectators.

Click on the video to enjoy her jaw-dropping performance.

YouTube/America’s Got Talent

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