30+ Selfies Taken at The Most Inappropriate Time


Selfie addicts will take selfies everywhere. They don’t give a damn to courtesy, etiquette or even common sense. If they ever go to a disaster site their first instinct will be to take a selfie instead of checking around to see if anyone is hurt.

For them selfies are life, psychologists say these people suffer from selfitis: the obsessive need to take selfies everywhere.


In this post we have listed up hilarious selfies taken by such oddballs in the most inappropriate times.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps:


  1. 1 That will be one hell of a video if he lives to see it

  2. 2 Smooth landing

  3. 3 Our house is on fire, but first...

  4. 4 This is what happens when you drive with hair like that


  5. 5 Grandma loved this selfie angle

  6. 6 Not everyone's smiling on our beach trip

  7. 7 Dude, really? You're taking a selfie now?

  8. 8 As wet as a selfie could get

  9. 9 This selfie's higher than my ambitions

  10. 10 This would help

  11. 11 Plane started on fire... Evacuate? First let me take a selfie...

  12. 12 How both of us start our days

  13. 13 Might be their last picture ever

  14. 14 Oh what a disaster... Lets find the perfect selfie angle

  15. 15 Cat fight vlog

  16. 16 First surgery selfie

  17. 17 Korean band posters never fail to amaze me

  18. 18 Wanted better light in the selfie so I waited

  19. 19 Goodbye Granny #sadlife

  20. 20 Let it burn #sadist

  21. 21 It ain't no homeless that's my grandpa sleeping casually before beach day

  22. 22 Beach photo bomb

  23. 23 People we've got a situation here. Get the phone out rn!

  24. 24 Right before we started

  25. 25 Dude got caught cheating and wants to keep em both

  26. 26 Face your fears...no matter how ugly that makes you look

  27. 27 Dad was kept under surveillance and I spent a night

  28. 28 Waiting for my light source

  29. 29 The ground crew's lucky

  30. 30 My friend had an accident so I came to see him. Forgot not everyone's single like me...

  31. 31 Man survives plane crash and takes an epic selfie

  32. 32 That too a living one


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