22 Weirdest Looks From San Francisco Weird Faire Street Fashion Show


Today’s post is about “How weird street faire “, It is an outdoor festival held every year (since its beginning in 2000) in San Francisco. In this faire thousands of people get together in their colorful costumes to celebrate peace, creativity and weirdness. In 2018, this festival was held on 6th May and the theme was “the disco ball inferno”. It was a parody of the 1970s looking back at a time of glamor and dancing.


Listed below are photos of 22 of the weirdest people at the faire who, sticking to the theme, are looking quite bizarre. Scroll down peeps and enjoy:


  1. 1 The doorbell rings at 2am. You open the door and this guy's standing out there. What will you do?

  2. 2 Every girl's childhood in one picture. Rainbow and unicorns.

  3. 3 They told us shit is going crazy on earth. So here we are!

  4. 4 Keep your horns in order miss!


  5. 5 No age limit to join the Nirvana club

  6. 6 He may come in handy...

  7. 7 So NASA's recruitment team has finally delivered

  8. 8 Where am I? San Francisco or Narnia?

  9. 9 When you see someone putting pineapple on Pizza...

  10. 10 Golden Shower anyone?

  11. 11 It may be strange AF but I want that cap!

  12. 12 The cell phone reception down here sucks

  13. 13 All my life I thought mimes couldn't be sexy...

  14. 14 Was there an award or smth for the weirdest costume?!

  15. 15 The word weird was defined at this festival

  16. 16 Clowns are really getting into fashion these days

  17. 17 Someone run a retina scan please

  18. 18 Bacteria is cute

  19. 19 Dragging all the plastic bags outta town. Good job!

  20. 20 The viper sight

  21. 21 Find yourself someone that looks at you this way

  22. 22 I see fire


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