Russian Artist Creates the Amazing Photo Manipulation Using Fantastic Creatures


Have you ever thought about the way they create magazine covers or advertising billboards? Perhaps you haven’t. The aim of any advertisement is to grab the attention of the customer and make them want more to buy the product. The designer works out their ideas and implements and then brings them to life, using Photoshop.

Yes! Photoshop can do wonders and Russian artists tend to be the most skillful masters of this software. Like many residents of Russia’s northern capital, Vadim Solovyov, an art director at an advertising agency in St Petersburg, does the same journey day in day out. Ever since the beginning of 2019, Vadim Solovyov has decided to transform his city into something similar to a fantasy movie by creating a fictional Petersburg on Instagram, one that would take residents by surprise every single day.


Listed below are some of our favorite photos from his collection in which he has created amazing photo manipulation. Scroll on peeps and have fun!

More info: Instagram

  1. 1 The Concrete Jurassic Park

  2. 2 King of the streets

  3. 3 The caged monster

  4. 4 Lurking through the alleys


  5. 5 Straight outta chamber of secrets

  6. 6 Looking for that giant nest

  7. 7 Koo koo mofo

  8. 8 About to spend an hour on the cash counter

  9. 9 This area really has lizard issues

  10. 10 Because flags are too mainstream

  11. 11 What breed is that?!

  12. 12 No entry without tickets

  13. 13 These lonely cold nights of Moscow

  14. 14 Blossom in the snow

  15. 15 Let me in I'm late for an interview

  16. 16 Raising him in the wild

  17. 17 The future is upon us

  18. 18 Horses can't handle the cold you know

  19. 19 Are you sure that net would do the job?

  20. 20 Patrolling must not stop

  21. 21 Only if the world was so clean

  22. 22 The Bouncers in Russian night clubs are really buff

  23. 23 Wanna try some cyber pie?

  24. 24 Fishing waters

  25. 25 Initiating landing protocols

  26. 26 Bees bigger than helicopters

  27. 27 He's just crossing the road

  28. 28 So many arms, still can't hold the coffee properly

  29. 29 The apocalypse is upon us

  30. 30 Gonna hatch some eggs real soon

  31. 31 The deadly duo fighting in the streets

  32. 32 Monday mornings be like


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