30+ Ridiculously Funny Signs That Make No Sense


Signs are supposed to provide you information, warnings or orders. They’re supposed to make things easier for you by giving you clarity and directions. However, sometimes you’ll come across signs that give you nothing but confusion. Such signs are either a lame practical joke, or they’re the result of careless labor by drunk or dumb workers.

Even the management doesn’t care enough to get such signs fixed. Thus they stand as hilarious spectacles at various public places to mislead people.


Listed in this post are photos of absolutely ridiculous signs that make no sense.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Come back later

  2. 2 Must keep that in mind

  3. 3 Value of human life explained by this sign

  4. 4 They can't afford management problems at the zoo


  5. 5 No centaurs allowed

  6. 6 Not sure who to trust

  7. 7 This traffic sign is more confused than my life choices

  8. 8 For ketchup haters

  9. 9 Totally makes sense

  10. 10 No coming back from death = One way

  11. 11 When the interviewer asks for something I can't really do

  12. 12 No fart zone

  13. 13 These guys have serious issues with Mexican food

  14. 14 In short, Kite flying not allowed

  15. 15 Refueling through the butt not allowed

  16. 16 Breaking communication barriers not allowed

  17. 17 Dead end to quit the old life and start a new one

  18. 18 Do not invade someone's privacy please

  19. 19 Signs in Jurassic Park be like

  20. 20 The life transformation I would not want

  21. 21 Beware of whatever you wanna beware of

  22. 22 Tech zombies are the worst kind

  23. 23 You would make a mess and a big idiot outta yourself

  24. 24 Your noticing has been noticed

  25. 25 The probability fluctuation in this message is too damn high

  26. 26 The sign I ignore every time I enter a relationship

  27. 27 Challenge accepted

  28. 28 It's a trap! It's a trap!

  29. 29 Signs after the LGBT takeover be like

  30. 30 Am I in Jumanji world?

  31. 31 We're sure you're gonna slip though

  32. 32 Don't expect too much from these trees

  33. 33 Or the curse will be upon you

  34. 34 From the level of confusion, this signboard appears to be a female

  35. 35 Just so it's obvious...

  36. 36 It's for the seals

  37. 37 I can and will understand the purpose of this signboard one day

  38. 38 My workplace right after lunch

  39. 39 Which one are you?

  40. 40 Have fun on the freeway!

  41. 41 Sorry, can no do...

  42. 42 Beware of the Dinos


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