20 Most Ridiculous and Ugly Prom Dresses of All Time


Prom is one of the best nights of the high school senior year. Girls and boys who’re going to prom spend a lot of time agonizing over the details of what they’ll wear, and who they’ll bring as a date. So naturally, one expects the prom dresses to be good looking if not entirely perfect or flawless. Sadly, that’s not the case. Some people lack basic fashion sense and they’ll wear prom dresses that are an insult to the event itself.


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of ridiculous and ugly prom dresses. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 I wonder how much money she wasted on that dress!

  2. 2 Well, they must have stood out at the prom!

  3. 3 That looks like a night dress!

  4. 4 I think she designed the dress herself!


  5. 5 Okay... Where's the rest of the dress?

  6. 6 That made her intentions very very clear!

  7. 7 The happiness you get after winning the worst dress of the prom award!

  8. 8 What can we say? She's just a hardcore fan!

  9. 9 Those look cute, but not to be worn at prom!

  10. 10 I think that fashion was not even liked in the 70's ,,

  11. 11 That's just unexplainable...

  12. 12 I wouldn't wear that even at a birthday party!

  13. 13 It's going to be a good prom when... You're wearing ski goggles and your date is in a stripper jester costume.

  14. 14 Aren't they too young for prom??

  15. 15 She seems to like it... I wonder why!!

  16. 16 I guess her face says it all!

  17. 17 I would never wear that even if someone forced me to !!

  18. 18 They sure they are going to prom?

  19. 19 Just to make the prom a little more colourful!

  20. 20 A fruits loving couple ...

  21. 21 I wonder how her date would have felt after seeing her in this dress!!

  22. 22 Just giving a bit of a glamorous touch!


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