20+ Ridiculous Photos Where Absurdity Broke All Records


Stupidity is a universal trait. It is not confined by the boundaries of race, color, gender or religion. You’ll find idiots all over the globe. It is easy to spot them. They’re the ones who’ll either be found doing something completely absurd or they’ll be engaged in senseless arguments.

In this post we have focused upon the first category of Idiots who’re regularly engaged in highly absurd activities. Not just that, they’re proud of their behavior and keep a record of all their engagements on social media. They love the attention.


Listed below are 30 absurd pictures that’ll seriously surprise you. Some people will do anything for a little attention on social media.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Bride cutting through her chastity belt on her wedding night. Reminds me of JW girls.

  2. 2 Just in case you didn't notice

  3. 3 When you're king of the jungle and you've gotta stay posh

  4. 4 Feel my leg I just shaved


  5. 5 I'm All For Boobs, But This is Ridiculous...

  6. 6 Thank God sharks are not jungle creatures. FFS they would have looked weird AF.

  7. 7 Get yourself a friend like that

  8. 8 My daddy's a princess

  9. 9 The school going stories dad told you about

  10. 10 Met this dude on the sidewalk today

  11. 11 The Spoon man

  12. 12 The kid's totally in the comfort zone

  13. 13 Making a boat outta whatever you can find

  14. 14 When you hire blacksmiths in the army

  15. 15 The Black Mamba

  16. 16 Couple goals

  17. 17 While in Japan, do as the Japanese do

  18. 18 Good old days

  19. 19 Home brewed coffee shenanigans

  20. 20 How crazy am I if the Doritos attract me more?

  21. 21 Putting Photoshop to the right use

  22. 22 Only a Chinese can think of this idea

  23. 23 She weighs more than my children

  24. 24 What were you even thinking?

  25. 25 When art goes a lil too far

  26. 26 Davy Jones part 2

  27. 27 Living the adventure life


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