20+ Heart Warming Photos Prove That The World Is not a Bad Place


The world is a wonderful place.

Don’t get discouraged by all the bad stuff that you see on mass media; the world may be suffering from a lot of vices but it still holds lots of love, kindness and compassion that keeps it together.

We’re just not good at highlighting the warmth and positivity that exists around us. We’re too focused on the negative side to see anything else.


Today, let’s shift our focus from the negative to the positive side. Lets appreciate the kindness and warmth that exists all around us.

Listed in this post are more than 20 photos showing acts of warmth and kindness.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 That kid went 2 miles during a flood to save that pup.

  2. 2 Heartwarming act by that lady.

  3. 3 Every food chain should do that to restore humanity .

  4. 4 He gave out water from his school bottle.


  5. 5 This man is giving up his shoes to a needy teenager.

  6. 6 sharing is caring .

  7. 7 Local Afghani offering green tea to a soldier .

  8. 8 Giving water to a thirsty koala .

  9. 9 That dog cant swim .

  10. 10 His class fellows went bald after their friend got cancer .

  11. 11 That's one great police officer .

  12. 12 The Picture talks for itself .

  13. 13 A great team work.

  14. 14 That's 21st century humanity.

  15. 15 Helping the opponent to cross the finishing line.

  16. 16 During a protest in brazil a general said " Do not fight, please , not on my birthday .." then, a group of protesters made a surprise for him.

  17. 17 His friends helping him to enjoy.

  18. 18

  19. 19

  20. 20 Pay it forward Random acts of kindness Mailman gift

  21. 21

  22. 22


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