20+ Most Funny Photos From Pretty Girl Ugly Face Challenge


Mass media and even Social Media has created an illusion of a perfect women; however perfection is not possible, and a perfect women doesn’t exist.

To comically unmask the truth and break the illusion of a perfect women, a movement was started on Tumblr in a blog titled “Pretty Girls making Ugly Faces”. This movement was taken up on reddit on a subreddit of a similar title where beautiful women posted hilarious and ugly pictures of themselves to show that nobody can be perfect all the time.


It is a noble movement that started in 2011 and it is still quite popular today. We’ve listed up some of our favorite photos form this movement in this post.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


  1. 1 She legit looks like a big toe

  2. 2 Her armpit and neck rolls are twining

  3. 3 When you accidentally open the front cam vs when you do it on purpose

  4. 4 When she's with you vs when she wants to break up


  5. 5 Not all hair experiments end well

  6. 6 Someone please put out an amber alert for her neck

  7. 7 Believe it or not, that's the same person

  8. 8 Girls on tinder vs Girls in real life

  9. 9 Hey, what's up? here's a picture of the inside of my nose

  10. 10 Summer vs Winter

  11. 11 Even Hitler would be scared

  12. 12 What's your hidden talent? This is mine!

  13. 13 How you act online vs when you haven’t left the bed and you’re home alone

  14. 14 That's me adjusting to the sunlight

  15. 15 Me on parties vs Me 90% of the times

  16. 16 She had me at the smile...

  17. 17 The right photograph is my audition of "The Shining"

  18. 18 Normal look vs Angry Granny look

  19. 19 I've run out of shame

  20. 20 Me being candid vs Me posing for pictures

  21. 21 During and after cosplaying Poison Ivy. You're welcome.

  22. 22 You’re doing it right when you’re in physical pain

  23. 23 Holy mother of Double Chins

  24. 24 Went full Danny Devito when I learned I had an inflatable neck


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