Plogging is Taking Over the Fitness World And We May Totally Be Into It


Plogging is a Swedish fitness trend that first originated in 2016. In two years it has taken over the fitness world like a storm and everyone is talking about it. It was famous on Instagram, Twitter and all over social media. Fitness enthusiasts and environmentalists couldn’t stop talking about it and now it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

So what exactly IS plogging?

Plogging is a remarkable way to not only take care of your own health but also of the environment. It is when you include picking up litter in your jog routine and make your run better for the environment too.

See, the word for 'picking up' in Swedish is 'plocka upp' and when you combine it with jogging you come up with plogging. Literally, 'picking up trash while you jog'. 

How do you actually do it?

The logistics of it is quite simple. All you need is your jogging gear and an empty bag of trash. Just get in your gear and while you run, you pick up every item of trash you find along your way. 


You can do it alone, or you can do it in groups. These groups exist all over on social media where you can join like-minded joggers and go on a group-run. That way ploggers achieve a high amount of trash pick up in one go. 

In early 2018, an environmental organization Keep America Beautiful partnered with Lifesum, a fitness and health app to support this trend.

It is extremely fun.

If the pictures posted by ploggers are anything to go by, this exercise seems great fun and absolutely satisfying.

You can make it a family activity.

Or turn it into a hike.


Stretching is also an option.

Or just simply plog!

How effective it is, for you and the environment?

According to Lifesum, if you jog for 30 minutes, you may burn 270 calories on average. But when you plog, not only you burn more calories, a whopping 330, but you also clean up your roads, your community and ultimately your environment. So we'd say its pretty effective. 

Why plogging burns more calories? Maybe due to the fact that you have to stop mid-jog to bend and pick up trash every few moments, thus increasing the amount of physical activity.

So, what do you think, are you up for a plog?


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