Fitness Expert Photoshopped Herself to Show Different body Standards Througout History

Beauty is subjective.

A society’s standard of beauty vary from culture to culture. In fact, these standards have been continuously evolving and changing over time as well.

Did you know that there was once a time when thick thighs and a booty were actually considered the deciding traits of a beautiful figure? Compare that to now. We’re all trying to look pencil thin.

Who knows what will be the ‘new beautiful’ tomorrow.

If beauty has such a floating definition, what’s the point of worrying so much about it? The important thing is that you love yourself for who you are, and you strive for fitness rather than a perfect shape.

To demonstrate this point Cassey ho, a fitness trainer on Instagram,  photoshopped herself to fit various standards of beauty throughout history. You’ll be surprised to see how different her images are in different time spans.

It shows you how temporary fashion is. Cassey urges her followers to love and embrace their bodies as they are.

In this post we have listed some of our favorite photos from her profile. You can check out her complete collection on her Instagram page.

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