30+ Photos Where the Main Action is Not in the Foreground


Ever had a good photo ruined by a bad background? We have all been there. Sometimes the backgrounds are so funny that they end up becoming the focus of the picture. Social media is full of such pictures having hilarious backgrounds. While it’s not fun to have your photos ruined, it is not entirely bad if the backgrounds end up making the photos even more memorable. 


In this post we have listed 30 of our favorite pictures that have hilarious backgrounds. The 15th picture is hilarious, don’t skip it. 

  1. 1 Just got back from Iceland- was going through my pictures and found the best photobomb of all time

  2. 2

  3. 3 A**hole brother selfie.

  4. 4


  5. 5 Ultimate background!

  6. 6 My friend climbed a mountain and took a selfie, was photo bombed by girlfriend taking selfie.

  7. 7 Creepy when you see it

  8. 8 So I went to México over the summer. Going through my pictures, I just noticed this guy in the background.

  9. 9

  10. 10

  11. 11 Halloween 1989. My sister is about to have a really bad day.

  12. 12 Dont look back!

  13. 13

  14. 14

  15. 15 When you see it!

  16. 16 This young lad figured it out at very young age

  17. 17 Took a picture of my parents on a boat with a rope swing. Attempted back flip gone wrong

  18. 18 The background is always more interesting!

  19. 19

  20. 20 The girl seems to be very upset!

  21. 21 A friend of mine posted a baby pic of her at Disney...everyone was wayy more intrigued by what was happening in the background.

  22. 22

  23. 23 Even The Dog knows how to photo bomb

  24. 24 When you just want a party for Moms

  25. 25 When you want to get attention of the cameras

  26. 26 Surprise!!!

  27. 27 Dude just why?

  28. 28 They had to include everyone

  29. 29 That not a real bust you are looking at

  30. 30 This arm swallowing man probably the weirdest photobomb ever!

  31. 31

  32. 32


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